Muhadib: Paul the Octopus of the Online World

We have witnessed Paul the Octopus make correct predictions one after another, but after its retirement, we are left with no Octopus to answer our questions. Well, we are in luck, for Muhadib is the new predictor to answer each one of our questions and is always Online.
muhadib online predictor image

So who is Muhadib?

Muhadib is an Octopus that lives Online and gathers a variety of information from across the Web. He then analyzes it, absorbs it into his code and reveals it like a true oracle is happy to. Since Muhadib is always Online, he is available for all who need questions answered.

How dows Muhadib answer questions?

Muhadib doesn’t like complications, so it allows you to ask any question you like but only in the form of providing him two options that he needs to select from…just like Paul the Octopus. He goes through his cyber brain, check details, information and code, and reveals his answer quickly, so you do not have to wait long.

muhadib online predictor chicken egg

Muhadib does not claim to be a prophet, nor does he aim to be hailed as Paul was during the 2010 World Cup, he simply is looking for company, and would be happy to share its knowledge and prediction with those willing to provide the questions.

Perhaps the first question should be who would win between Steve Jobs and the Flash, for when we asked Paul the Octopus that question…we were left without an answer.

muhadib online predictor chicken