Mailing Address Inside-Out: Print-Cut-Fold Google Map Generator

If there is going to be any mail posting in the future it’s going to be this way; from the outside it looks like your average everyday envelope, but its peculiarity lies on the inside. If you ever come across it, you will see that when you open it you will see a Google map printed inside the envelope.Wouldn’t it look interesting and very useful in certain cases? You will be able to tell the recipient the exact location where you are situated or any location that you choose, so they will have no trouble finding you. It was initially a trick developed by Beste Miray Dogan, later on a guy called Stephen created a generator website which made everything much more easier and much less time consuming. Now to get this cool-looking envelope, just go to his website. There you will see a Google map envelope, and on the left side a few blanks that you have to fill.

Google Map envelope

First, is the “Enter location” space where you need to type the location of the map you want to have printed inside of the envelope. Second, is the “Custom Message” which is simply the message that will appear near your pinpointed place in the form of a dialogue box. Now, this website also gives you the option to preview the inside envelope, mind you, as the entire inside of the envelope will have a map printed on it – not just the area you see as you turn over the leaf.

If you are satisfied with the preview, you can print it; and there you have it, your own Google map envelope almost ready to be sent! However, it needs to be folded first which is not a complicated process as the dotted lines mark where it needs to be folded. Okay, after you have done that it is ready to be sent. Because of its outside simple appearance, the recipient will be surprised when the envelop is opened. Nevertheless, this is most useful if the letter you are sending is about a location or a set of directions to a particular place; in other words, its very good for traveling or navigation purposes.

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