Arts and Crafts Paper Scooters – Let’s Go Green!

Paper Scooters – Let’s Go Green!

If you ever wanted to go green, then this is your chance to make a difference. We had never seen green toys before, but now we have them. Toys made from recycled paper is the best way to save the planet. This toy designer and maker, Dadik is striving hard to make everyone use toys made from recycled paper.

I am totally in love with the concept, and the toys he creates are wonderful. And right here are his latest creations – The Paper Scooters!

Okay, three words for the scooters – they are cool! Or how about, ‘they are scoolster’? I like that name for these pretty bikes. Dadik with his cousin has worked on this new paper sculpture project. And I must tell you Dadik, that they have turned out to be the most perfect thing you have created! Of course credit goes to your cousin too, so congratulate him from our side.


Now let’s talk about the scooters. The size of these scooters is around 18x10x8 and they are made from recycled paper. As you can see, they are available in two colors right now but Dadik is ever ready to make them on order in any color you prefer. Also, you can change the theme and turn them into Batman scooters or something. Yup Batman is in, remember?

What’s cool about these scooters is the fact that they look way too real. I mean, you can’t really figure out whether they are made of paper or not. At the very first glance, I thought it was just another project of painting Vespas and renewing; but to my utter astonishment, it wasn’t. And, I am very pleased to see how hard people are working to save our planet.

Of course I hope and wish that Dadik and company  continue to work harder and improve their skills. Right now, I am wondering if we can actually integrate small light bulbs for the front lights or not. I think we can, but it would make the scooters heavier. Anyways, that’s just a suggestion to make it look better. For now, good job Dadik!

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