Fast Food (Car) on Wheels

Perry Watkins’ creation gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “eating on the go,” or even “fast food.” Don’t let its appearance fool you because is no ordinary dining table. It can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour and comes with all the fancy bells and whistle associated with a dining table car… His goal? To set a new world record for the fastest furniture.

dinner car

Watkins, a sales director at Timpson and amateur mechanic from Buckinghamshire, used a Reliant Scimitar sports car chassis and a fuel-injected 4L Land Rover Discovery engine to form the foundation of his unique car mod. It is also boosted by a nitrous oxide injection system. However, they say the devil is in the details; and this is where this car far supersedes the exceptional standard for creativity. Finishing touches to the design includes chair (six in total,) a fake meal with stylish place settings that would make Dame Edna proud, as well as a dummy that resembles Stig from Top Gear.

dinner car 2
You won’t find any exhaust fumes at the “rear” end of the vehicle. Oh no, the dining table’s exhaust fumes come out of silver tea pots located at the front of the “table.” Two of which are placed opposite the roast chicken. The brake lights also aren’t in their conventional place; you’ll find them discreetly placed in rolled up napkins. And what the dining table car be without the Road-Legal Tax Disc? This you will find on the champagne bucket!

dinner car 3

The driving dummy, who looks like Stig, sits at the main dining space – at the end of the table; right in front of the roast chicken. Fast Food (that’s the name of the table) reached a speed of 103 miles per hour, making it the current fastest piece of furniture. The second fastest spot now belongs to Edd China, who has set the fastest record with this motorized sofa. It reached a mere 92 miles per hour. Fast Food broke that record at the Northamptonshire’s Santa Pod Raceway, taking the title of fastest piece of furniture

dinner car 4

Taking all of Watson’s other creations in to consideration; he might surpass the amateur mechanic status soon. The world’s smallest car, Wind up, and the world’s lowest car, Flatmobile, are other genius creations in Watson’s portfolio.

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Via: Asylum and Metro