Playable Pacman Costume – Is it really a costume?

Hell no it’s not! That’s not what we call a costume! It’s just a mini gaming arcade with straps that you can wear on – that’s it. It’s not a costume sorry. The term I would rather use for it is: ‘Strap-on Pacman Arcade’.

I don’t really know what the coolness behind it is because I don’t see the purpose of it. In today’s world where technology has advanced so much, that you can either get mini portable gaming devices or seek ones, why would you go strapping on such a heavy and hefty arcade? But here’s the thing – it’s not about the arcade and the looks; it’s the art behind it.

What we are showing you here is not merely a gaming arcade that you can buy – for sure not. It is basically a homemade Pacman arcade that you can make yourself. Now that’s where the excitement shoots up and get ready to start with the chores. You would love to hear that Russell Luzinski has actually made a tutorial which guides you well. Get your hands on it and you will be able to make a Pacman arcade for your kid’s next birthday.

What’s cool here is not the money you can save, but the fact that you will have a self-created gaming arcade in your home. Well that’s at least a good start to be a game designer. And, if you actually are an enthusiast of game design, then it couldn’t get better. You have all the guides and all the tips. Follow it and be the gaming arcade designer in your house!

How about earning some bucks by wearing this and roaming in the markets? $1 for each game and trust me kids would love the idea. Not only the kids, even old school players would love playing the game on your arcade.It’s just like giving them a flashback of the past, isn’t it? So, to all the Pacman lovers, here is your chance to do something for the game that has made your leisure hours exciting since childhood! Good job Russell!

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Via: Fashionably Geek