Biped Robot – Balancing on One Leg, How Cute!

Okay, so robots are cute. They have learned to fold and pair socks, do the laundry, and now they are learning some new moves to entertain us. Xin Hui Lee, a girl from Malaysia, has succeeded in making her robot dance and balance on one foot.

Isn’t that awesome? The robot is called Biped. Pretty cute name actually!

The Biped isn’t anything that looks like a robot, instead it’s like a set of chips joined together on two legs. But, I believe functions are far more important than looks. Once the robot has excelled, how much time would it take to put some skin on it? So I guess looks are secondary here, what the robot can do should be our core concern; and what it does is pretty amusing, so it gets 10 out of 10!

I don’t really have much information about the robot and what other functions it can perform. So, I will be sticking to the only move it can perform for now. The robot works with 6 pencil batteries. Yup, I got that from the video; it’s right there in front. Rest of the body is constructed with steel plates, and I am assuming they are plates from mechanical sets you can get outside. If it were so, then the job done is even better. Then, finally there’s a chipboard which is clearly not distinctive enough so I can’t really comment on that.

Anyhow, the part I am amused about is that everyday I get to see robots being trained to practice new tasks. That is truly marvelous and for once I do really feel like becoming an engineer myself. Imagine the world in 50 years from now, and think of what robots will be capable of doing by then. It would be more like the prophecy of Terminator Salvation coming to reality; that one day robots will dictate our world. Whether that will happen or not, right now it’s pretty cool to see such things happening.

Good job Xin but just a tip – please provide us with more details next time!

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