Scan Your Photos Anytime, Anywhere with the Magic Wand Scanner

Magic Wand is a word one would encounter in the lexicon of magicians and in the Harry Potter universe. It’s a powerful tool that can make many a wish come true. A magic wand is graphically represented as a sleek, slender wand that sits perfectly in the hands of its owner. This magical tool is now a part of a technological innovation initiated by VuPoint Solutions.

On a number of occasions, we have found ourselves admiring a photograph, painting, or wallpaper that we wish to copy right then and there and carry it along with us. There are also times when you need to copy an official document, but there is no scanner or copier in sight. Present day scanner technology does not offer us the luxury of carrying it around in our pockets.

VuPoint Solutions has developed an innovative scanner that allows you to scan a copy of anything anywhere. This innovative scanner is called the Magic Wand, and by no means is the title an exaggeration. The Magic Wand is an impressive tech gadget that is sleek and slender like a magical wand and performs feats fit for a magician’s wand.

Imagine you are visiting your parents for the holidays. During your visit, you chance upon a childhood album that has a host of photographic memories of your precious childhood. You wish to preserve these photos in a digital format, but more importantly, you yearn to have these childhood memories with you all the time. If you were to scan these photos using a traditional scanner, it would be a cumbersome process.

With the Magic Wand, scanning your childhood memories is as easy as waving a wand over them. And that is exactly what you need to do. To scan the photos, simply hold the slender portable scanner over the photo and gently roll the wand over it. That’s it; the scanner would have saved a copy of that precious photo.

The Magic Wand is roughly the length of a slender forearm, which makes it extremely portable. In order to use the scanner, you would need to insert a micro SD card into the slot provided, select the required resolution, and the scanner is ready to roll. Once you have scanned the required item, you can connect the portable scanner to your computer and upload the files onto it.

With its impressive functions and amazing portability, Magic Wand is a gadget that is set to revolutionize the way we scan things.

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Via: vupointsolutions