Puzzle Your Brains with the Zig Zag Knot

The world of puzzles is very puzzling. Over the years we have seen the ever so famous Rubik’s cube being attempted by so many people. Not all are able to solve it.

Whoever accomplishes it has his or her own method of solving the puzzle. What if there were only one method to solve a given puzzle?Take a look at the Zig Zag Knot Puzzle. The name Zig Zag Knot is in itself enough to signify that it is a puzzle. It can be solved by following only one method. And it is no simple method; it involves a series of 37 steps in all.

Have you ever tried forming a knot using fingers of both hands? If you try to untangle all fingers in one go it could be quite difficult. However, if you go with one finger at a time the task becomes a lot simpler. The same principle applies to the Zig Zag Knot Puzzle. All its 37 steps have to be performed in sequence and each knot has to be tackled one by one. Take it from the makers of this puzzle, you cannot jump from one knot to the other hoping to untangle knots simultaneously. With every move you might see a bit of a knot being untangled but still there is only one solution to the puzzle. There are no shortcuts and neither are there multiple roads leading to the final destination.

Going by the manufacturer’s advice this knot can be untangled by anyone who is over eight years old. And what are the skills that you can polish up by untying knots? Abstract thinking, pattern recognition, and problem solving to name a few.

At first sight the Zig Zag Knot Puzzle looks almost similar to the Gordian’s Knot Puzzle. A closer examination will reveal that there are lots of differences. The very basic design of the knot is different. While the Gordian knot can be untied using different methods the Zig Zag has only one correct method. More than one Gordian knot can be untied at one time while the Zig Zag requires each one to work on one after the other.

After multiple attempts you might still be unable to solve the knots. You need not worry in such a situation. It is very likely to happen and care has been taken not to leave you in a lurch. An instruction manual is included in the pack for your help.

Go ahead and get this elegant and complicated looking teaser to give your brains a challenge. One can get it for only $9.99.

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