iLoveHandles – A Cooler Way of Carrying the New iPod Nano!

Let’s admit that the new iPod Nano was cute and cool; but the small size did make it look weird. I mean most of the users report that they have had a hard time carrying it around. It easily slips out of the pocket, and securing such a tiny thing is difficult. Luckily, we now have a solution to it!

The iLoveHandles make it easier for all the new iPod Nano users to carry the device around in a more convenient and cool way. Imagine you have your iPod Nano around your wrist as a wrist watch, and whenever you want, you can listen to the music as well. Wouldn’t that be cool? For sure it would, at least to me and my folks.

The iLoveHandles are merely just leather straps cut in between to hold the iPod. Yup that’s basically all about it but this cut is exactly in proportion to the clip behind the iPod. All you need to do is to clip your iPod onto it and wear it a wristwatch. Cool right? It actually gets better in reality than how it sounds here. You can keep an analog watch mode or a digital watch mode on your iPod, which is completely your choice to make it suit with your style. In fact, that is the better part. Unlike conventional watches, the iLoveHandles gives you the power to choose. You can switch the modes and even the skins to make it suit your apparel or style.

Although I do agree that it is a cool way of carrying the iPod, it has a number of cons associated to it as well. First off, you will be exposing your precious iPod to all the thugs out there. And of course, if the clips become loose, you are at the verge of losing your iPod. But, apart from all that, we have to admit that this idea is pretty cool, and with a couple more amendments it can become better. Currently, the iLoveHandles are available for $19.99, so why wait? Get your iPod these straps and make them look cooler!

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Via: GearLog