Retro Cake Brings Back the 80’s

If you took everything you ever loved about the decade of the eighties and turned it into a birthday cake, it would probably look something like this ridiculously cool retro 80’s cake. I know, there would still be plenty of other optional additions to the piece. I’d personally throw in some Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Voltron. I might have an Atari reference in there too, but I think my buddy Pacman has it covered. Actually, looking it over again, I see the Atari symbol on the side there. Get outta my head! GET OUTTA MY HEAD (Family Guy Reference ends here).

There’s some stuff on the cake I’d probably leave out too. I was never a huge Rubik’s cube fan (I know, gasp, right? Judging from the innumerable number of Rubik’s cube variations I’ve seen, I have to believe I’m in the minority on this one), nor did I ever actually own a boombox; but these are still notable icons from the decade. I also see in the original note that this was made by some guy’s wife. Kudos to you buddy, I agree with the original statement that she is in fact, “ultra-cool.”

Now, we’re no strangers to culinary creations here, either. There have been plenty of other cakes I’ve seen here on Walyou that could also serve as reminders of the 80’s gone by, too; although they tend to be more singular in nature. Take for example, this Yummy Pacman Cake. Now that’s some retro deliciousness right there. If you’re on a diet, you can always go bite size with these Pacman and Tetris Truffles. I’d feel bad eating Pacman and his ghost buddies, but I think my sweet tooth would win over my conscience eventually. Who knew the 80’s tasted so good?

Via: Fork Party