Pop The Bottle The iPhone Way, With The iBottleOpener

An iPhone is the coolest phone around, but you can’t open a beer with it or can you? And then you have your bottle opener, but try making a call from it. What if you get both the facilities of making a call and opening a beer, in one place? The answer is here, in the form of the iBottleOpener!

ibottleopener iphone case

The iBottleOpener is an iPhone case with a beer opener created by Lightbulb Moments, which is located in Santa Barbara, California and is a division of the Pacific Direct. It is a slide case in two parts with an in-built bottle opener at the back of the case.

Beer – who does not like to have a sip of it? Especially when there is a party in the house and the music just keeps going higher? Simply throw the bottles to your friends and do not let them bother about a bottle opener. As you will be carrying your iPhone along, who needs to care about opening the bottle caps! But that special phone needs some protection too; you cannot think of using such an expensive handset for opening a beer bottle, after all it is an iPhone! Act responsibly here and don’t spill the beer, and yes, don’t break your precious iPhone either!

The iBottleOpener actually solves this problem. It is a protective case, strong enough to take good care of the iPhone and pop the bottle as well. What more, you can now record a video of the bottle cap getting tossed in the air, courtesy of your new bottle opener. However, as of now, the iBottleOpener is available only for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 4 version of the iBottleOpener will be arriving very soon.

You can check out how this cool iBottleOpener works on YouTube or drop by the iBottleOpener website. You can purchase these cool bottle openers cum iPhone case just for US$ 19.95. However, for any place outside US, US$ 6.95 will be added with the price of the iBottleOpener as charges for shipping and handling duties. You get a waiver on the shipping and handling fee if you order two or more iBottleOpener. So, go ahead and have a drink in the iPhone way, whenever there is a party time!

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Via: Gigjets