Endless Ink Pen

The idea of a pencil case is necessary to the beginning of a child’s education. At the beginning of the school year, it is imperative that a pencil case should be on the back-to-school shopping list; but as the years progress, the need to have one becomes less and less.By the time the child hits university, the chances of them having a pencil case is quite slim. As a result there are a lot of burst pens at the bottom of bags and ruined books because of that.

Metal Pen

With this “endless ink” pen, burst ink won’t be a problem; the reason being is it writes in metal. Being 6.5 inches in length, it’s an interesting concept that exists between a pen and a pencil. It never goes dull but can be sandpapered for an added point. Like a pen it doesn’t erase and as a plus it not only doesn’t smudge but also writes on glossy surfaces.

glossy paper

There is a commercial for this pen that can be seen on YouTube. The acting is terrible, but it is overall humorous and does fulfill its purpose as a commercial. The Commercial can be seen below.

The idea of this design began apparently because pencils just aren’t good enough for American astronauts, and because of the lack of gravity, pens just won’t do.

The idea of this pen seems really convenient; however, though pens are used frequently they are not often used for extended writing periods. This is especially true because most assignments and note taking are done on laptops. It would be more convenient to have a bunch of less expensive disposable pens at hand.

If you are a person who does use pens often, this pen would definitely come in handy. It is not, however, recommended for children – even though it meets all safety standards when writing on paper. This isn’t a pen you would want to write all over your wall or even on your skin. In the end, it is a tad pricey at $27.95.

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