Hoodie Brings Out the Vulcan… If You Want

For the most part, your average hoodie functionality is pretty simple. You throw it on when its cold, probably spill stuff on it at your local diner, and generally wear it when you don’t feel like grabbing anything else. Now, this secret vulcan hoodie on the other hand, goes beyond the call of hoodie duty (haha I said duty, but no time to laugh about it now).

Looking over the hoodie when it is zipped up, it looks nice enough. Black with a nice white outline of a hand on it, that gets the job done. Unzip it, however, and the hoodie takes on a whole new look of nerdy goodness. It looks exactly like the vulcan salute. According to the original post, if you lie down on your side the hoodie also looks like a vulcan “shocker.” That’s going to a place I don’t want to go, thank you very much.

Anyway, this Star Trek themed hoodie is a nice way to nerd it up when you don’t want to look relatively normal. If you don’t mind looking like a complete dork all the time, then might I suggest our list of 28 Cool and Geeky Costume Hoodies. The Batman Hoodie with the muscles on is my personal favorite, since it is probably in hilarious contrast to the actual wearer in most cases. The Aquaman Hoodie comes in a very close second though. I mean after all, who really wants to be Aquaman anyway? He’s always been the laughing stock of the superhero world, except maybe in the Teen Titans series on Cartoon Network. Then again, you could always go with the Hellboy Hoodie, complete with some hellish horn nubbins. I just hope that they’re safe to put in the washer, cause I’m not hand-washing any hoodie!

Via: Nerd Approved