19 Geeky Sofa Designs

Till now it was all about plonk and laze. Sofas were either a sign of your taste in interiors or a reflection of your lifestyle. And you wondered what kind of sofas to have if you had neither? Oh, well, it’s not possible that you will have neither, but you know what we mean!So, we rolled up our sleeves, switched on that comp and said, ‘Hail Research’. We got down to looking for some geeky sofa options for those (like you) who don’t want to flaunt their money or live in a house that is either a museum, art gallery, or five star hotel! Here, we’ve put together a list of sofa designs which range from crazy to cute to cool to I’ve-run-out-of-words.

Basically these are sofas for those who may not have a ‘lifestyle’ but do ‘have a life!’

Car-Inspired Sofas


Porsche design

What a way to own a Porsche! This Porsche-inspired sofa is available in a variety of colors and livery. And with this one in your living room (or wherever may be), you are actually allowed to preen and show off — I would!

Beetle Design

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! You are a car-aficionado so make the most of your passion. Loll in your favorite car-shaped sofa, be it the cutesy yellow, the hunky red and black, or the macho military sofa! Oh, yes! Another way to show off, isn’t it?

(Pulse) Racing Sofas

Hola! Race I said? Yes, I did. These super-cool sofas were a part of a one-time racing experience hosted by BBC’s Top Gear. You got a whacky double decker, an efficient motorized office, or a cosy 70 mph bed.

Craziest way to travel while you chill, or to chill while you travel.

Sofa-Cum-Pool Table

We, at Walyou never question creativity, especially if it is practical. So if there can be sofa cum beds, cars, bookshelves, then why not sofa cum pool tables?

This double identity sofa is almost like an undercover superhero! When you want to relax and just be, it is Clark Kent.

But when the pool champion within you strikes, it morphs into Superman and Voila! You have a neat pool table standing where there was a staid, plaid sofa sitting!

Pacman Sofas

If you are a Pacman lover, you will definitely love this one. Well, even if you aren’t, sure you will. I do. Sporty colors and with a Yin and Yang design these aesthetic Pacman sofas are for those with both lifestyle and life!

Captain Kirk’s Chair

No role-playing anymore. All you Star Trek devotees, live up your Captain Kirk fantasy with this Captain Kirk chair. Replete with leather cover, swivel seat, wooden handles, and armrest controls; this chair actually features the phrases from the series. So you have an authentic-looking, limited edition Star Trek chair with “This is Captain James Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise”,“Position report Spock”, and so on written on it! Which fan wouldn’t want to own it?

Space Invaders Couch

Geeky to the core, I say! Cool, fun, and SO classic! Designed by Igor Chak, the Space Invader couch was meant to be ‘art’, and when art meets popular geek taste, we at Walyou smile!

However, it is not known whether it is still just an idea on canvas or ready to be brought home!

Tetris couch

Don’t get over Tetris! Playing it right in your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom will never be the same again! Keep that video game aside, dears and get this super-comfortable Tetris couches home and be a child with élan’!

After all, why grow up when can have so much fun otherwise? 🙂

Bookshelf Sofas

This bookshelf sofa is for those bookworms (Me!) who can get lost to the world if books were in sight.

Created from six sofa sections, this one is what I love about the bookshelf! And of course, the creativity.

Source 1

This one is probably more conventional; but who cares when one has access to books as easy as this! Who wants to walk up to the bookshelf to pick a book when you can now do it while lounging?

Source 2

Recycled Material Sofas

Imagine sitting on dry waste materials of your home. No, don’t go ‘eeeww’ yet, it’s quite interesting. A California College of Arts student, artist Nick Demarco, came up with an ingenious way to package dry rubbish by turning them into a sofa.

There is no end to the creativity you can employ here, and we do give full marks to the eco-conscious, resourceful Demarco!

Source 1

Midi Controller Sofa

Originality just took another turn! This sofa designed by a German called Seppoman, has a midi box built into the sofa. It is all about getting optimum comfort out of your lounging experience. The sofa’s midi box can control three control values per person, the left and right bottom weight and its reclining back. Whoa! If ever there were customized comfort, this is probably it!

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Lawn Sofa

Great way to get that lawn mowed without threats or carrots. And it is literally a ‘cool’ way to relax in the outdoors even when soaked in the sun! Hats off to the family man who thought up this one!

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Trust Sofas

Office sofas? So comfy? Wow, isn’t it? And the colors! Lights up my eyes. Well, these are great for the old plonk and laze routine but with style!

It says ‘office’ furniture but what’s to stop you from having them at home?

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Wine Sofas

Like water beds, I wish these sofas were filled with wine! But that’s probably a crazy idea. It’s only the shape that’s in a ‘wine theme’; but what a shape! Oh, and the cherry is delectable!

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