Superhero Nite Lites Are Cool!

Well, all of us has been there and we all know how much it is. You know what I am talking about, collecting superhero stuff! Some time back, the whole craze of superheroes saw a major downfall; but thanks to the superhero movies that have come up recently. They have once again revived those memories, and kids once again have started collecting superhero items. For that very reason, here are some superhero nite lites!

These lights are cool and believe me, every kid would like it. Besides, the creators have already made lights of every famous superhero such as the Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. Some of these lights come with logos while some come with images of the superheroes. Besides costing only $11.99, they could make any Geek happy. Here is a general description of the size and function of these lights:

The height of these lights is around 4.5 inches, and they are 4 inches wide. These are simple to use plug-in nite lites. Most of the lites are also equipped with automatic sensors which means that they can turn on and off automatically.

Here are the pictures of some of the top lites:

Wonder Woman Symbol Nite Lite:

It’s just a symbol light, and if you want to see Wonder Woman in action then check out the following one.

Wonder Woman Image Nite Lite:

Here comes Wonder Woman in action! She always looks good, and the glowing light makes her look even better. Go finish them Wonder Woman!

Flash Symbol Nite Lite:

Well, unfortunately Flash was only considered for the Symbol Nite Lite. Guess the designers didn’t find him beautiful enough to have his picture on the light!

Green Lantern Symbol Nite Lite:

So goes for Green Lantern! Although I would love to see a better version of the Green Lantern light, right now this is all we have!

The Batman Image Nite Lite:

Spooky and cool as Batman always is!

Batman Symbol Nite Lite:

Batman’s symbol is probably the best one, and we all know that. Combine it with a light, and see the effects yourself!

Superman Symbol Nite Lite:

Finally, the mightiest of them all Superman’s classic symbol is here on the light. All these Nite Lites are available at a price of $11.99!

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