How to Draw A Straight Line Without Using A Ruler?

We draw straight lines for a variety of reasons. It could be the need to form angles and triangles in geometry class, or perhaps you just like to underline and highlight a few texts in a book. By its very definition, a line is a mark or stroke that is longer in proportion to its breadth. For some, drawing the perfect straight line is a pleasant obsession.

Plastic or wooden rulers are the most common tools used to draw straight lines. They can be carried around in your bag or compass box. However, using a ruler to draw a series of straight lines or underline portions of text in a book can be a cumbersome process. The plastic or wooden ruler needs to be placed perfectly straight in relation to the page before drawing a line. If there is a tilt in the placement of the ruler, the line will reflect that.

Korean designer Giha Woo has thought of a simple but brilliant concept that will eliminate the need of a ruler to draw a straight line. The concept is titled ‘Constrained Ball’. Woo’s concept promises to bring an end to all jittery lines.

Constrained Ball is an innovative concept that sets out to solve a very simple problem: draw a perfect straight line. The concept involves a thick, acute angled plastic frame, fitted to a rubber gasket. The rectangular plastic frame has a digital display followed by a circular opening that serves as the grip of the Constrained Ball. The entire drawing tool would be no longer than the head of a pen or pencil.

To draw a straight line with the Constrained Ball concept, the user would have to insert a pen or pencil inside the circular grip of the miniscule drawing tool. Once the drawing instrument is firmly in place, all that the user has to do is simply draw a line. The attached rubber gasket props up the drawing tool and helps it to roll smoothly in a perfectly straight line. The digital display on the plastic frame displays the length of the line in centimeters.

The Constrained Ball is a handy tool to have if you need to mark specific lines in a book or draw lines of a particular length in math class. Unlike the ruler, there is no need to adjust the angle or focus hard on drawing the required length. Just plug in the pen or pencil and draw away.

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Via: Yanko Design