Play Pool on Peter McKee’s Speedboat!

Pool is a familiar cue sport which most of you must have played, at some point in time. A speedboat, on the other hand, is more of a fantasy ride, though, some of you might have lived your fantasy already. Now, if you are wondering why I am mixing up the two seemingly unrelated things, it is because Peter McKee has already mixed them up in real life, literally through his speedboat-turned-pool table!

Peter McKee Pool

Peter McKee is the owner of Master Billiards, a company in New South Wales, Australia, engaged in the manufacturing of classic billiards tables. With over 35 years of experience as a carpenter, he has shown his skills in this speedboat-turned-pool table very well. This pool table was made by McKee on the request by a special client. He got hold of a 21 foot speedboat and converted it into a 7-pocket pool table and this unique pool table costs $60,000.

Peter McKee pool table

The game of pool is, perhaps, so named because it was associated with the old poolrooms in which gamblers would pool in their money to bet mostly on horse races. These venues also housed billiard tables, and with time, the word ‘pool’ came in to being. Pool uses different sets of equipments than billiards. Modern pool tables are usually between 1.07 meters x 2.13 meters and 1.37 meters x 2.74 meters. The cue sticks also come in more or less a strict measurement of 148.6 cm. McKee has tried to maintain the standard set while manufacturing his own one-of-its-kind pool table, from the speedboat.

Peter McKee pool table 1

The pool table or the once upon a time speedboat, has the words ‘Brian, B Dog, and The B’ inscribed on its side. McKee actually pays a tribute to Brian Rix, a 28-year old water skier from Queensland, who met with a fatal boat accident in 1999 while he was sailing on the Fitzroy River.

speedboat pool table

In the normal pool table, you will have to get the ball manually from the pocket once you shoot it right there. The McKee speedboat pool table gets rid of this pain as well. It has an in-built pool ball return system in the form of a tube. When the ball falls in the pocket, it will slide through the tube and reach the rear of the pool table for you.

You can have a look at McKee’s wonderful creation on YouTube and see for yourself how it works!

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Via: Bornrich