LED Analog Clock Merges the Old and New

LED stuff is all the rage these days, or so I’m told. Naturally, if you’re looking to get your hands on some fun LED stuff for your house or apartment, might I suggest this Analog Style LED clock. This clever piece of design by Dave combines LED technology with the comfort of a plain old analog style clock. As such you’ll immediately notice the typical hour and minute markings.

Now, the minute hand actually stays in each position for about two to three minutes. It was constructed using a PIC 16f877 (what the hell does that even mean?) with a DS1307 real-time clock. The 169 LEDs are soldered into place, and the final product is nice and neat looking. If I were left to my own devices trying to put this thing together, it wouldn’t look quite like this one. In fact, it would probably look like it belongs in a junk yard somewhere. With that said, you can take a whack at it if you are so inclined. The schematics and built pictures are all listed on the original site. There is a video to go along with it as well, but embedding has been disabled so you’ll need to go check it out yourself.

If you’re a watch kinda guy (or girl), there are plenty of unusual ways to tell time, many of which we have featured here on Walyou. Any watch with big words in it must be notably fancy, so you’ll probably want to take a look at this Accelerometer Water Watch, which utilizes liquid levels to tell time. Just don’t take it out while jogging, since you’ll probably never know what time it is at that rate. If you have the money to burn, might I suggest the Skull Pocket Watch for the Super Rich. That might seem like a bit of a dramatic statement, but it really is very expensive. $18,000 to be exact. That’s more than I’d want to pay for a car, much less a friggin watch.

Via: Hack A Day