Cobra – The Best LED Watch Design Till NOW!

Recently, I have been bragging about the hefty and ugly looking LED watches. Somehow, I feel that the designers read my posts, and they are now into something better.

I say that because the last three or four LED watches that I have reviewed have been pretty cool, stylish, and they are not at all ugly. Similarly, here is another Tokyoflash LED watch concept, which looks sleek and doesn’t make you feel like a member of the Star Trek crew. Yup, this one is called the Cobra, and it sure looks like one too.

The Cobra is said to be a driver’s style LED watch designed by Kristian from Sweden. According to him, the concept represents a dual deck driver’s style LED watch. There are of course two decks on it; one deck shows LED bars with minutes, while the other one shows hours. Now here’s the best part of all – this LED watch is not at all confusing. You won’t have to read the manual every time you read time. The numbers, and I mean actual numbers, are engraved on both the decks which of course is a blessing when it comes to LED watches. If you know what LED watches are like, you would also know that they hardly have digits or anything. Most of them come with weird bars and diagrams and you get a hard time trying to read the time. This is where Cobra beats all of them.

On the other hand, the design and look of the watch is cool too. First off, the overall straps and the dial give you the cobra look, and for that very reason, the watch is called Cobra. It is actually pretty beautiful with those scales, like an actual cobra on the straps. Mind blowing! And the concept is gaining popularity because of its simplicity in functions, and beauty of its design. The LED lights are yellow which again in my opinion is great. You don’t get pink, blue, green, and all the other LED lights in one watch making it look more weird than cool. Just a note here: Designers who think all those colorful lights make the watch good, trust me, they don’t! And, none of us like it. LED watches should be like this Cobra watch.

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