Walyou Random Roundup [September 18, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup September 18, 2010 includes Wolverine, Playing Cards, Funny Rollercoasters, Gaming Heroes, Gargoyles, Pop Tart, Halo Reach, Star Trek, NES Controller, iPhone 4 and more. We hope you enjoy the great roundup and also wish you a wonderful weekend.

bick rogers atomic disintegrator replica ray gun image

1. Men Package Playing Cards Faster Than Robots (I Am Bored)

2. Buck Rogers Atomic Disintegrator Ray Gun (Neatorama)

3. Hardly Working: Wait! (College Humor)

4. 25 Videos of People Being Pansies on Rollercoasters (HolyTaco)

5. Gargoyles & Grotesques, Part 1 (Dark Roasted Blend)

6. Halo Reach launches Worldwide, 3 Editions Available for Purchase (XboxFreedom)

7. The 5 Greatest Bank Heist Masks In Hollywood History (MTV)

8. Top 12 War Heroes in Gaming (Maxim)

9. Parmigiani Bugatti Type 372 “Super Sport” (AskMen)

10. NES Controller iPhone 4 Decal (Geeky Gadgets)

11. Dell Inspiron Duo – Tablet AND Notebook (Geek With Laptop)

12. This Magnificent Stage Cake Has a Whole Band on It (GadgetHim)

13. New ‘MAD’ Clip Turns Wolverine into Grime Fighter Wolverclean (Comics Alliance)

14. ‘What Is Hilarity?’ The Greatest ‘Jeopardy!’ Bloopers and Outtakes (Asylum)

15. Pet-Driven Virality – Alex Blagg and Butter the Pug on the Power of Cute Animals (URLesque)

16. Soda Pop Stop: 500 Flavors in One Store (Mental Floss)

17. Geniuses Invent Pop Tart BLT (Lemon Drop)

18. ‘So You Want To Watch Youtube’ Flowchart (Geekologie)

19. Ancient Victorian Mario Painting Is Dated Back To 1895!! (WiiNoob)

20. Star Trek Fingernail Painting: Star Trek Now Available At Your Fingertips! (GadgetHer)