Motorola Droid R2D2

Well, we all know how cool touchscreen phones can be. It all started with the iPhone and now nearly every manufacturer is trying its best to make sure its touchscreen phones are up to the mark. Among all of them, Motorola for sure has been producing some great phones.

Although most of their phones are not really good enough, some are truly worth noting. One of such remarkable phones from Motorola is the Droid R2-D2 Edition. We all know that the Droid has been an amazing seller and even features-wise – it’s a great phone. So, Motorola packs the newer version with lots of more stuff that sure can make everyone go nuts.

Now what you see in the picture below is a new animation for the R2-D2 Edition which demonstrates the capabilities of this phone. Who says only the iPhone can have good video playback and picture quality? Right now, you can know that even Motorola can produce the same stuff if they want to. Although the basic specifications of this Droid version remain the same as the standard model, some newer specifications are added such as the 1 GHz processor, microSD card slot, and an internal memory of 8 GB.

Now those are quite some specifications we wanted there in the Droid, aren’t those? Besides, the phone looks pretty cool and sleek too. There was a time when I used to think Motorola can only produce hefty phones. But, right after the breathtaking Razr was introduced it seems like Motorola has embarked on a mission of creating stylish yet feature-filled phones.

Now, I am honestly waiting for this version to come out. There could be nothing better than having this phone. As the rumor goes, it can be the best Motorola touchscreen phone ever. And, if that is true I am wondering how well of a competition will it have with the iPhone. You never know, maybe one day a phone comes out that actually beats the iPhone. That can happen right? I mean iPhone is nothing supernatural that no one else can beat it.

So for now I guess we just have to stick to this animation, and keep drooling over the phone and wait for it to come out!

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Via: Botropolis