View Animated Scenes from Star Wars in Scanimation Star Wars book

When you ask your kids to read a book they detest it but when you will ask them to read Scanimation Star Wars book, they would simply say “I love you Mom/dad”.

Scanimation Star Wars Book

Employing a new technique in the books, Author Rufus Butler Seder has attempted to make Star Wars come to life which makes us view at the pictures moving inside a book. Isn’t it sounding like some fairy tale or doesn’t it remind you of the books in Harry Potter? Now you to can feel the same magic of moving pictures with this Star war boo that exhibits 11 scenes from your favorite movie.

Scanimation Star Wars

The word Scanimation is derived from joining two words Scan and Animation, which means that scanned images are put to animation. In this book scrambled art images are covered with a striped clear sheet. On turning the page, the picture appears to move and this makes me think doesn’t the picture move on a still page?

Star Wars fans would love to see Obi-Wan battle Darth Maul, Luke riding his Tauntaun, Yoda twirling his lightsaber, the Millennium Falcon zooming away from the exploding Death Star, and a lot more. I guess it is using optical illusion as there are no wires or electricity involved.

You will have to spend just $14.95 to buy one for your kids. You can also get Limited Edition Uno Cards exhibiting your favorite Star Trek Characters or these The Miniature Lightsabers if you are a fan of Star Wars.