The Classic Rolls Royce is Back but as a Golf Cart!

Yup, the classic is back but with a new flavor! We all have seen those classic old school cars being modified to run on the streets, but honestly they are no good.

Enthusiasts might keep them but the reality check here is that the newer cars are far better than them. So, why not keep the collection where it suits the most? Yup, you love keeping classic cars, but you can’t drive them on the streets, what other options do you have? Before this Rolls Royce classic car there weren’t any but now you can use those classic cars as golf carts!

Sounds good? There’s more to it. This Rolls Royce golf cart is not just an ordinary golf cart. It would actually give you the taste of driving a classic Rolls Royce with its 15-inch Custom Billet Rims, controlled leather seats, chrome tilt steering, hard top, upgraded motor, and the 2 tone black silver interior matching the exterior. There is an Alpine stereo system integrated in it as well, and the cart has seats for six. Erm, yeah it’s not for everyone. Like any other Rolls Royce, this one is expensive too. It comes for $28,500 so yes it is an expensive piece.

The question here is who would buy such an expensive golf cart? I am sure Tiger Woods and the other millionaires, but we won’t. Wouldn’t it be better to add some more money to it and buy a Ferrari instead? But again, it’s all about the choices we make. Maybe someone out there would love to keep this golf cart for all his golf games. That’s understandable! I have seen people who spend that much on their hobbies but surely I won’t.

You can get the golf carts custom-made by the company. It does not necessarily need to be a Rolls Royce. You can get a Jaguar or any other classic car turned into a golf cart. And, yes all the parts are new and original. Nothing in these golf carts is used and modified. Everything is new completely!

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Via: RedFerret