Recall the past: Thundercats Lion-o Resin Statue

“Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! HOOOOOOOO!” Now, doesn’t that sound nostalgic? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what I am talking about, I have literally spelled it out. Yes, it’s Thundercats, starting off in 1985, it went on till 1990. I am sure all of you have seen the show, and are familiar with the name Lion-o, the main character of Thundercats. Now, he has come out of the TV set into a statue form. This statue is made from a special material called poly-resin.

lion-o statue

The statue is of Lion-o holding his famous “Sword of Omen” in his right hand (so he is right-handed). It’s already in its released form meaning that Lion-o is ready to battle or is already engaged in one. Considering his stance, he is ready to pounce on his enemy, also with his stylish claw glove on his left hand. Here he stands on a landscape which we recall so well in the cartoon.

The statue is 6-inch tall, and let me just say this, it’s pretty nicely detailed. I mean the hair, the eyes, his body — all are exactly the same as in the animation.  The body shape is almost perfect, but if you look closely, you will observe that his right leg is a bit dislocated. Other than that, a job well done by the artist, making us all go back to our childhood days when we used to wait eagerly for the next episode of the Thundercats. For fans, it may also be pretty affordable, at $59.99.

For Thundercats fans in 2009, the series was announced the 49th Most Popular Animated Show in a list that selected the top 100 animated shows. Back to the toy, as said before, detailing has been done on a very minute level. This has been achieved by making it with poly-resin. This material allows easy formation of the object since it can be molded with very little effort. Moreover, it also provides the statue tensile strength, so it won’t break easily. Thus, you get a toy that is not easy to break, which is very useful for children since they can’t bite it off or something like that. It is also a must-have for collectors and for those who just loved Thundercats.

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