Ice Screaming Ice Cube Tray

During the expressionism period, a Norwegian artist by the name of Evard Munch created a painting entitled, “The Scream”. This painting represents inner anxieties, and was done so by using deformed shapes and warm colors. Little did this artist know that his painting would become one of the world’s most famous and parodied paintings.

Ice Scream

The makers of this “Ice Scream” took this painting, and decided it would be humorous to make an ice cube using the same concept as the painting. It’s a really simple yet brilliant idea, much like the person who decided to put an eraser at the end of a pencil.

Creating this Geeky Ice Cube Tray is quite straightforward on the creator’s side. They would simply have to mold the plastic into the simplistic face of the screamer. Our end of the deal is effortless too; all we have to do is fill these trays with water, exactly like a normal tray, and put them into the freezer. To obtain the full effects of the scream, the buyer would simply have to put the ice cubes into a beverage that is red or orange colored, and is slightly translucent.

It would give art lovers everywhere quite a laugh.  There is a chance though, that people will not recognize the reference, despite the painting being as famous as it is. Even if this is the case, this ice tray does not go to waste. The simple features on the face are recognizably a look of terror, which would give any viewer a laugh.

Any ice cube shape that is not a cube will catch the interest of people, and this artistic one runs for only $8.49.

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