Cyclus – A Cool Way of Saving Energy!

We all know how important it is getting day by day to save the planet and consume lesser natural resources. Many products have come up in all these years trying to focus people on this part, but not many of them have worked so far.

Well, one major reason for them not working was the fact that their efficiency has always been less than the standard products. But, this is where the waves turn. Cyclus is the concept that can revolutionize the way energy-efficient products work. Yup, this is what we call a true planet saver!

What is Cyclus about?

Cyclus offers power generation capabilities that are actually better than your standard light bulbs, and the best part is it’s energy-efficient! There is no doubt about the fact that it is impossible to live without electric devices today. Those who claim to stop using it and restore energy should know that it’s not possible. We are totally dependent upon electricity today, probably that’s the reason why people are trying so hard to produce stuff that would consume less energy.

Anyhow, the best part about Cyclus is that it has been designed keeping in mind the different needs of consumers. For instance, mobility and portability are two major considerations that you don’t get with solar panels and the like. The Cyclus however, overcomes these problems. It is the perfect alternative for all our power generation needs. The technology behind the Cyprus is pretty reliable which makes it even better.

The major power source is a spring installed inside it, and a 12V DC motor. Now the way Cyprus works is actually the main amusing part. Users simply need to twist the bottom of it, and it will start generating power for 30 minutes. Isn’t that cool? There is nothing more to it.  No solar panels, nothing!

Well, it for sure is cool but unfortunately, it’s just a concept for now. Yup, like all the other cool concepts, even this one makes us drool over it but to no use, until it actually comes out in reality for which I really wish.

The concept was submitted by Satoshi Yanagisawa.

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