How to Build a Full-Size Dalek [Dr. Who]

Building a Dalek will be very possible now for those who might have dreamt of building one day after watching the adventures and the very much exciting activities of Doctor Who.

Dalek parts

What would be quite exciting about this is that you can, to a great extent, go close to the Dalek that is used by the doctor. You are, not even, required to be a professional to make it, and just a little bit of skill will do the needful for you. There is nothing to worry about where to start, which things to add, and when. To help you out in making of a full-size Dalek, something in which you can even ride around, the official plans have been disclosed by BBC.

The guidelines that will guide you in making your own Dalek were actually sent to a Doctor Who fan, by the Doctor Who Production Office of BBC, who in the early 1980 has expressed his desire to go for it. But there was a condition behind letting him make this Dalek; the BBC production office made it clear that the Dalek can only be used for personal purposes.

Dalek comic

For proceeding with the making of the Dalek, you will first have to arrange certain things like jigsaw or a band and woodworking lathe, etc. The plan shows that the total work one has to go through will comprise of five steps, and you, likewise, can follow and proceed with the exact pace.

The first round will be the making of the head, the second will be the neck, the shoulders on the third step, fourth is the body, and then lastly, at fifth round, the base. Some of the materials you will need for construction include one roll of 500mm bandage, one tin of car wax polish, one 28-lb bag of modeling clay paper/polystyrene, 6 lbs. layup resin, 1 tub of barrier cream, 2lbs gelcoat resin, and 2 car parking lights, etc.

Dalek 2

In certain activities, you will need to be extremely careful, while there are some steps that will seem to be really easy for you. You will just have to be careful in going through the unsafe procedures. If all the guidelines were followed as it is mentioned, then nothing would seem to be difficult. The whole instruction of building the Dalek gives you the chance to make one at a very reasonable cost. Everyone who has made use of this helpful plan, has been praising it a lot.

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