Olifant Steamunk Mask

This has to be the best Steampunk mask I have seen until now. Many times you see such masks, you can easily spot out many a mistake designers commit. But in this case, the scenario is different.

I would say it’s the most perfect Steampunk mask out there. Check out the details; everything is so proportioned and well-crafted by Tom Banwell that you can’t really believe that it’s a one-person craft.

The Olifant is not Tom’s first piece; in fact, he has been creating such Steampunk masks for years now. It is always wonderful to check out his gallery and see the latest piece, but I must admit that this one truly made me go all wow. I don’t mean that the others are inferior, but this one is outstanding. There is nothing more you would want for a Steampunk mask. In fact, now I am wondering when someone will add this to Counter Strike, so we can use it for our teams. Wouldn’t that be just amazing?

About the mask:

The mask is made from veg tan leather which of course is the good part. A lot of people these days are looking forward to veg leather stuff, and it saves the planet too, so why not? Moreover, this veg leather has been made to look antique and colored black. Now, the good part is that this leather is actually hand-sewn with waxed thread. Cold cast aluminum, steel wires, and bolts were used for making the tusk canister and the lens frames to give it the look it requires. The ears that you see there are made from copper and leather and are detachable; so you can remove them if you don’t really like them. The gauge is a sphygmomanometer, and the hose is black neoprene. Lastly, the lenses are tinted acrylic, again to make it suit the overall appearance of the mask.

By reading all of that, I was actually pretty amused. That’s what we call dedication towards the art. I mean look how well Tom combined so many different elements to create the best we can ever see. Good job Tom, we loved it!

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