Star Destroyer Umbrella Conquers the Galaxy…and Also Rain

Every time I see a piece of Star Wars merchandise which I never would have thought of, I see visions of the scene from Space Balls. You know the one, where Yogurt is talking about all the stuff they are going to make from the movie, all the way to Space Balls the Flamethrower! This Star Destroyer Umbrella falls into that perfectly. Sure, you don’t really need one, per se, but it is a Star Destroyer – shaped as an umbrella. Yes, you know you want one, and so do I!

Shockingly enough, this unique triangular shaped umbrella can actually manage to fold up just like a normal one. It can also (supposedly) withstand the force of a hurricane. Well, duh, the thing can destroy stars, it better be able to handle a puny little hurricane, right? The handle is made out of the same material you’ll see in a golf club, and the waterproof fabric is stuck tight to the frame.  I guess the only downside is you’ll need to give in to your hate and embrace the dark side. If you’re worried about weight (I have to admit it looks a little unwieldy), don’t. It weighs less than a golf umbrella, and it looks a hell of a lot better! I wouldn’t think this would impress the ladies, but she sure looks happy about it in the picture, and product advertisements NEVER lie….

If you’re looking to pick one of these up for yourself, I have some bad news. This baby is still only in the early concept stage, so you may or may not see one conquering your local weather pattern anytime soon.  In the interim you can take a look at this LED Umbrella that looks suspiciously like a lightsaber. Or, if you’re just perusing, might I suggest one of these 22 cool Umbrella Designs.

Via: One More Gadget