Hipster Superheroes

Have you ever wondered what would some superheroes be like if they were hipster teenagers? CollegeHumor asked the same question, evidently, and produced what might be some of the most unique rewrites of superheroes I’ve seen to date.


First on this list is Iron Man. His hipster look features an armor which is recycle grade, and made completely out of aluminum, which was recycled from drinking cans, etc. Of course, he is concerned about environmental sustainability. He even has the Fedora-style hat and reporter style glasses, making him look like a journalist superhero. He’s also wearing running shoes, because really, aluminum shoes are kind of impractical, and rockets/jets are bad for the planet.


Aquaman comes off as a strange personality. His look really comes off as being a beatnik sort of image, and with the suspenders and the cigarette, he certainly personifies the hipster look.


Xavier, of course, has to be a druggie who wears Kanye West glasses. The motivation behind the glasses isn’t clear, but the look is made complete by the rag-like clothing and the goatee, which, along with the pipe, make Xavier a really interesting looking hippie.


The Hulk’s hipster style is a mix of a male model and a muscle man. He wears (and apparently only shops at) American Apparel, which goes to show how much of a pretentious hipster he really is, though I will hand it to him, the hair looks good on him. And the generic symbolic tattoo (on Hulk being the Egyptian ankh) completes the hipster look.


Wonder Woman as a hipster is just really strange. Her outfit is a lot less revealing, as per one of the ideals of hipster philosophy, and her trading in an invisible jet for an invisible Subaru Outback is just plain funny. It is a hipster thing to do, but invisible jets have been proven to have no negative impact to the environment (Disclaimer: It should be noted that this research was done on the basis of fictional objects, and should never be taken seriously).


Batman as a hipster is really iconic of what Batman would be as a hipster; all about technology and a pretentious attitude towards people via technology. He looks pretty laid back and easy going, and his costume is of course a lot more casual, but his speech bubble is pretty amazing, as it represents pretentious twitter-ers and techno-savvy technocrats.


Spiderman’s look is inspired by a preppy hipster teenager who wants to focus on creativity and photography; he sports a blazer and khakis, and the hat with the spider logo. He also seems to be skipping excitedly towards something which he will be taking pictures of, and it reflects the artistic hipster which might have been what Peter Parker would have been anyways.

You can check out some more superhero stuff like the Marvel Super Soakers or the Marvel Hero Ski Masks.

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