X-Tube Portable Surround Sensation Headphones

In the words of Berthold Auerbach, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” And this seems to hold true for the most of us, whenever we are tired or want to zone out from the world and get rid of all the stress, we all listen to our favorite genre of music. And this gadget is for all the music lovers out there. The Japanese are very caring people, and therefore, made this outstanding product that comes with a portable USB X-tube DTS surround sensation to make the quality of your music on your laptop or Personal Computer, the best.

This gadget was designed with the use of a vacuum tube, which was made into a USB dongle to enhance the quality of your music when you’re on the move, and give you the feeling of listening to music on actual heavy base speakers.  This is just like any other USB, very easy to install and also comes with a set of headphones so that if you want to use the headphones, it can make the audio better and give you the effect as if you are listening to music or watching your audio on a surround sound speaker system.

This is not all, this cool gadget glows in blue when it is in use. This will not only give you a soothing sensation but also the best audio sound you have ever heard coming out of headphones or your laptop speakers. This gadget is compatible with Operating systems like Windows XP/ vista. It does not weigh more than 150g so again, this is a great device which can be carried around easily, and you will certainly look technologically advanced and be able to impress your family/friends and whoever you meet with.

The X-Tube DTS Surround Sensation comes for a price of $85, and is certainly a great investment for all the music lovers and all the people who love to own the best and newest technology.

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