200MP Camera and Ferrari H4D Released by Hassleblad

If you’re a photography-nerd, someone who takes pictures professionally, or just an amateur shutterbug, then photography hardware might be something which attracts you into the market; one of the newest camera designs by Hassleblad might be able to do just that.


This camera is pretty cool, not just because of its specifications, but also because it was created as a team up effort between Hassleblad and Ferrari. The camera was announced at Photonika alongside the Ferrari H4D, a limited edition camera, which looks absolutely amazing.

The Ferrari H4D is, in fact, so limited that there will only be 499 units on first release, and it won’t go public until October. The camera is designed and finished using Ferrari’s signature color, “rosso fuoco,” bearing the Ferrari shield, and comes with an 80mm lens.


The look is very cool. Design wise, the H4D is bulky, but it looks really good for photographers who are into high quality images, and it’s also good for the people who just have a thing for collectible cameras and things related to collectible vehicles. As a limited edition piece, it is definitely worth collecting, if only to show off that you have it.

The 200MP camera, on the other hand, is a medium format camera, and is not quite appropriate for those into snap-and-shoot photography, but I think camera fanatics will admire the idea behind it. The camera takes multiple pictures over a period of 30 seconds, so that the quality can actually be 200MP. Not much more has been released about this camera, apart from how it works, and images haven’t been shown of it, but it is something to look forward to.

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Via Gizmowatch