Lark Gadget: Wake Up Without an Alarm

How wonderful to be able to sleep peacefully through the night without being jolted awake by the jarring ring of the alarm, or a spouse who snores loudly! A day after a sleepless night can prove to be highly stressful and fatigue inducing. Here’s a simple remedy to make you soar high in bliss as the lark- yes, the Lark helps you and your partner to have a trouble free night.

Lark up is a silent alarm, brought to you by Lark that helps you to wake up naturally. This system comes with an I phone app and a small band that you need to wear on your wrist while sleeping. Set I phone app to the required time you need to awaken and this app transforms your phone into a night time alarm clock. The band worn on your wrist includes a small device and sensor with blue tooth technology that vibrates at the time you need to be awakened. Hence, its goodbye to loud alarms and your spouse can enjoy his/her sleep in peace.

This excellent device has been founded by Julia Ho and Lark has been working with Dr. Jo Select, a Harvard Medical School sleep expert, to test the device on students. Wearers of the device have reported positive results, and they have woken up refreshed to this vibrating technology, while their partners continued to snooze.

The Lark Up promises a more relaxing and refreshing emergence from deep sleep. This amazing device is manufactured in China. The Lark Up was tested on busy professional couples: now this device aims to focus on other normal sleep disruption symptoms and patterns like snoring and telephone ringing in the middle of the night.

The vibrating alarm Lark Up is aptly named after the cheerful morning bird the lark, which rises up early each day at break of dawn. Since the lark is the bird which supposedly woke up Romeo and Juliet, this device is aptly named after this bird, and this wonderful vibrating alarm is all about making relationships better.

Wave a cheery goodbye to sleepless nights spend tossing and turning in bed, sleep soundly and wake up to a new dawn, with Lark Up, full of promise and with a spring in your step. It is available at $99.

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Via: TechCrunch