Tocky Rolling Ball Alarm Clock – An Amazing Way To Wake Up!

Have you ever wondered why it is often so difficult to wake up in the morning? Reason is that our body requires more sleep than we provide it and when we try to wake it up, it resists. So, to tackle this problem of getting up in the morning, human beings developed alarm clocks. The problem that arose is, not all alarm clocks were capable of waking up people. Perhaps, this is the reason that time and again innovative alarm clocks are developed; take, for instance, the new Tocky Rolling Ball Alarm Clock.

Tocky Rolling Ball Alarm Clock

This irregular shaped alarm clock rolls itself off your nightstand and runs away from you. Not only this, it even hides to wake you up in order to search it. The main focus of this clock is to make you try harder to search it and stop it, as the harder or longer you will try to catch it, the more aware you would become.

Tocky Rolling Ball Alarm Clock comes packed with a number of latest features. It has a digital backlit display and touch-sensitive controls. It boasts of its built-in alarms and MP3 downloading capability, so you can listen to your favorite tracks. All you need is to spin your finger around its dial to set the time or the music track instantly.

Measuring 3.25” in diameter, this alarm clock is also capable of recording your own voice through its built-in microphone. This innovative alarm clock works perfectly fine on 3 AAA batteries that are included in the pack, when you purchase it. This one is a wheel-less robotic alarm clock that makes you run after it in order to wake you up.

This cute ball-shaped clock is a creative invention of Nanda Home. It is considered to be the second alarm clock that looks similar to Rock N Roll. Feel free to choose the color you want from orange, white, blue, and green of Tocky Rolling Ball Alarm Clock. You can also get several changeable skins of this clock and a pack of 2 such skins is priced at $10.00.

Tocky Rolling Ball Alarm Clock work

Rest assured that mornings will no more be dull when you start waking up with the new Tocky Rolling Ball Alarm Clock. To make this amazing alarm clock yours, you just need to spend $79.00, which is completely worth it for all its superior features and functions.

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