Six Circular Saws Powering an Innovative Go-Kart

Have you ever imagined that circular saws could propel a go-kart and rider? If not, check this out.


Designed by 35 year old Barry Lee for the Somerset-based Toolstation, the three-wheeled Bolt Lightning is powered by six circular saws and is capable of hitting the speed of 75 mph. Combining an innovative and extraordinary mix of progressive as well as sophisticated engineering along with traditional ideas, this circular saw-powered go-kart wheezed past those propelled by ordinary power tools at over 40 miles an hour in the recent national power tool drag racing championships held in Somerset, UK.


No wonder that with the emergence of some of the most powerful and newest tools in the world markets, this go-kart is sure to find its own takers among racing enthusiasts.

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Via: Inhabitat