Honda ASIMO Replica is Just Like the Real Thing, Only 1/8 Scale

You know the Honda Asimo, right? The famous robot that can run around, carry items, know people by their face, and has conducted an orchestra as well as a plan for enslavement of the human race? Well, now you can have your own little piece of ASIMO with this 1/8 scale figure robot.

The action figure has two sets of palms and 15 “points of articulation” so you can put him in just about any pose you want (get your mind out of the gutter) to display how well the real robot can move. Well, I don’t know if I buy the toy maker’s line that the “21st century’s most famous robot is going to change the world,” but the toy certainly looks like it’d be fun to play around with. Just don’t think that you’ll be able to escape him, when the time comes. He can climb stairs, traverse difficult terrain, and be able to get you wherever you decide to go. The price tag isn’t all that steep for your own little piece of history, either; clocking in at $45 USD. Of course he won’t have all the functionality that’s contained within the real ASIMO, since that might put it just out of your price range by a few million dollars. Or billions, I really have no idea. The point is you don’t have that kind of scratch (I’m assuming, sorry to all you Walyou billionaire readers out there if I am mistaken)

If you’re curious, you can see the real Asimo in action in the commercial below and get your own mini replica for $45. If you want some other robot goodness (or you want to know what you’re up against when Skynet becomes self-aware), you can check out this core Bipedal Robot. If you’re interested in lighter fare, there’s this troupe of dancing robots to check out, too.