Credit Sesame Provides the Best Financial Advice – For Free

Money makes this world go round. We need money to survive; we need money to take care of our family; we also need money to make our dreams come true. We spend most of our adult lives working hard and earning money so that we all can live the American dream.

Creating wealth is one thing, managing it is a completely different ball game. Managing personal finances is a mystical, and often frightening, exercise for most of us. There are many questions that we simply don’t find the answers to: Which is the best place to invest in? Do I go for long term or short-term investment? Should I take a risk while investing money? And so on and so forth.

In order to deal with these questions, some of us hire ‘money managers’ to take care of our personal finances. Most of us either do not trust anyone else with our precious money or simply cannot afford to hire a money manager. If you fall in the ‘most of us’ category, help is at hand.

Credit Sesame is an internet start-up that will help you navigate the maze known as your personal credit. All you have to do is give Credit Sesame all the information regarding your financial data. The site will then analyze the information and provide investment options with reasons why those investment options will work for you.

Credit Sesame has a highly intelligent analytics system that offers users only the best financial products which will help them maximize their savings. Setting up an account on Credit Sesame takes only minutes. The user has to fill in information regarding your financial data including the social security number. Once the information is registered, the website will grab key financial data and visually represent it for the user in the form of graphs and charts.

Since Credit Sesame requires sensitive information, users may be wary of providing it for the fear that it may fall into the wrong hands. The website has considered this and has a FAQ that informs the user of the website’s security measures. Credit Sesame ensures that the user’s financial information will only be used by its analytics system.

The USP of Credit Sesame is that it offers to handle your financial wealth without charging a dime for it. That’s right, the website is absolutely free to use. Registering an account at Credit Sesame may be the smartest financial move you will ever make.

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Via: Techcrunch