Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket with Sony Ericsson LiveView

Sony Ericsson releases LiveView, a bluetooth enabled micro display which pairs up with your Android phone and enables you to receive notifications and use phone functions without taking it out of your pocket.

Sony Ericcson Liveview

The people over at Sony Ericsson are known for a few things like their formerly terrific Walkman phones, the release of potentially awesome phones with one or two major no-nos (Vivaz with resistive touchscreen anyone?), and their imaginative phone accessories.

The LiveView bluetooth enabled micro display is no exception. Though I found it hard to see any practical use for it at first, I couldn’t help warming up to the idea after viewing the demonstration of the various features. The LiveView accessory pairs up with your Android (2.0 and up) phone via Bluetooth, displays notifications on a 1.3″ (128×128) OLED screen, and lets you control the phone wirelessly. Remember those old wired remotes? Kinda like that, but only better. The display clips onto your belt or a watch strap, or can be carried around on a keyring. Android smartphones tend to be on the larger side due to their awesome touchscreens, and it can be a hassle taking them out every time you get a notification or alert. With LiveView, this should no longer be a headache.

LiveView Watch Strap

The LiveView accessory displays Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds, among others. You can start/stop and skip tracks using the buttons or the touchscreen, and it also shows you application data, as demonstrated in the video. This is particularly a Godsend for all runners out there, as people are still known to purchase Sony Ericsson phones for their excellent multimedia capabilities, and it can be a hassle having to take out the handset everytime you want to search or skip a song.

Continuing their trend of slowly adapting to the Android platform, all Sony Ericsson handsets currently run Android Donut (1.6). However, Sony Ericsson has said that by the time LiveView hits the market, which is anticipated some time in the fourth quarter of this year, all of them will be updated to 2.1.

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Via: unwiredview