The Stylophone Beatbox is Cool

The stylophone beatbox pocket synthesizer is a massive step into the future. It delivers the coolest sounds of the millennium. The stylophone is a portable electronic beats machine that has all the cool aspects of its predecessor. Get ready for some great dope beatbox beats, attired in your Adidas and nylon track suits. The stylophone beatbox features three new exclusive sounds: the beatbox with Mc Zani, percussion, and bass.  You can have the record and scratch functions that let you playback loops of your work. The beatbox has a tempo adjust switch too, to control the beat pitch during loop playback.

The stylophone beatbox has an MP3 input feature, which makes it possible to synchronize scratches along with your favorite tracks. The tempo can be adjusted to your preference. Volume too can be controlled. The stylophone beatbox comes with a two-way adapter.

The scratch function allows for good mixing of sounds, record and plays right along with your favorite beats. The stylophone beatbox contains samples created by none other than the human beat boxer MC Zani. If this does not impress you, nothing else will !

In order to be on the safe side, and not to infuriate anyone with its noise, the stylophone beatbox has a headphone socket which doubles up as a line out to speakers.  Be wary of potential small parts since they can pose a choking hazard to small kids. Apart from this, the beatbox is a wonderful musical gift for anyone from age four to infinity. The circular key board has thirteen metal sound pads that can play a different percussion sound each time.

You are likely to get totally addicted to the stylophone beatbox since it’s a must buy for anyone who loves retro-chic mixed with modern technology. The MP2 input allows you to play into your Ipod or any other MP3 player and scratch / drum to your favorite tracks. Take a break and record your masterpieces, play them back through head phones or built-in speaker and truly have a bash over the week end. One can own it at £19.99icon.

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