Play Poker in Style with this Video Arcade Poker Table

Love to play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker? If yes, then you will definitely love this Texas Hold ‘Em Video Tournament Table, measuring 42″ in height x 25 1/3″ in width x 42 ¾” in length, with a 26″ LCD monitor.video_arcade_poker_table

This video arcade game costing $6,500 allows up to 8 players in a no limits, single elimination, bracketed Texas Hold ‘Em game, complete with high stakes and loads of fun. Playing this video arcade game is like visiting an actual casino as the experience comes complete with all the correct sounds like shuffling of cards, stacking of chips, announcement of winners, etc. In fact, the game is so authentically designed that the players can hear audible prompts for making their call, raising, or folding. Players can easily view their cards in a discreet manner through the LCD monitors while staging their bet or going all-in using the trackball. All scores and game stats are easily recorded in the memory and can be accessed easily at any point in the future. This new video version truly redefines the way you will play the Texas Hold ‘Em poker game in the future.

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