Easy to Read Keyboard

We all have those times where we have difficulty reading the keys on our keyboard. For a lot of us that isn’t really a problem because we have memorized where most of the keys are generally. This is because we spend so much time on the computer and have spent a lot of time on the computers, since we were little kids.  The same privilege is not there for the elderly, who on top of their unfamiliarity with computers, often have bad eyesight and have extra trouble trying to figure out the keys.


This keyboard presents an answer to that.  The designers of this keyboard looked at highway signs and studied what it is about them that are so effective. Clearly, the use of highway signs is a lot more important than seeing the keys on your keyboard, but it’s nice that they have taken aspects of those signs to enhance their product.

The letters are written on bright yellows keys, their font is black and in Sans Serif. Normal keyboards have a combination of black, whites, and grays. These shades together don’t really allow for much contrast. The yellow really brings out the keys. The font size is forty-three point, which makes it bigger and easier to read. Even people who are quite adept at using the keyboard might enjoy this simply because the font is so huge. It’s always fun to push big buttons.

keyboard close

Like most keyboards, this one has the option to be propped up for a more comfortable typing position. This is definitely a practical gift worth buying for a loved one who has issues with their keyboards and runs for only $49.95. Not only is it convenient, but it is made to last. There would be no need to worry about frequently replacing it when it breaks, unless of course you spill liquid all over it.

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