Now Easily Convert Your Records and Tapes into MP3 Format

Ever looked wistfully at shelves or racks of cassettes and records piled up in your living room? And felt nostalgic about those times you listened to your favorite songs on cassettes and records? There is good news for those of you who have reluctantly decided to discard the precious tapes and records.That is where the U-Record steps in to save the day. This wonderful device of tricks helps you to transfer the music on old records and tapes to your computer. Just plug it to the nearest USB cord, attach your record player, turntable or cassette deck, and get cracking! The fool proof U-Record works perfectly with both Mac and PC, and includes a built-in pre-amp, and goes ahead with recording from a turntable too.

It’s so simple that even a child can easily volunteer to do a great job of recording. Find your tapes, connect up the U-record via USB to your PC, and convert using the software provided. Once the conversion of your records and cassettes into MP3 clear digital audio is completed, the EZ vinyl converter software provides various options specifying track information. Just add your artist album, and it automatically imports the music directly to your tunes library.

If you are a perfection freak, you can go ahead and edit or correct the imperfections using the audacity software. Be prepared to be assaulted by waves of nostalgia as soon as you press play !

The U-Record is an absolute must for all music lovers who have hoarded cassettes and records galore over the years. The U-Record has amazing features- a phono/line input records easily from a turntable, cassette player, or any other source. No drivers are needed for the plug and play USB connection. Since it is powered via a USB connection, there is absolutely no need for a main power adapter.

The U-Record comes with EZ Vinyl converter software for PC and an EZ audio converter (MAC) to facilitate hassle-free recording. The audacity software helps to record, edit, and convert for noisy source material over the PC and MAC.

The U-Record comes with a USB audio interface box with phono/line input, a USB cable, and of course a user’s manual. With this great gadget, be ready to regale your dinner guests with a fabulous collection of disco hits. The U-Record music converter is indeed a bridge between the past and the future. Having to discard all your favorite albums or buy a new collection each time a new format of storing music is invented can be tedious and more importantly, an exorbitant proposition.

Hence, all music lovers out there feel thankful to the U-Record Music Converter, that you may still swing and sway to your favorite old tracks and relive your best moments. One can buy this system at £49.99icon.

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