21 Awesome Remote Controlled Toys

Radio Controlled gadgets and devices are great gift idea for geeks. However there are a lot to choose from and if you are looking to narrow down your search for the greatest remote controlled toys, then you are at the right place.

Here is a list of 21 remote controlled toys which includes a few toys from the geekiest universes we have seen on TV, movies, or in video games. You will also find some great original designs, so read along and let us know which one you think is the best.

RC Hailfire Droid

Star Wars is one of the greatest franchise which has entertained people around the world since its first appearance back in 1977. This is the Radio Controlled Hailfire Droid from the Star Wars universe which made its appearance in Clone Wars. It comes with 12 loaded cannons, an action figure of a clone trooper and it lets you control its action and routes with the price of $65.99.

RC Millennium Falcon

Here is another great remote controlled toy from the Star Wars Universe. This is the RC Millennium Falcon. It works on similar principles with that of a RC Helicopter but its famous design makes it really special. It is priced at $60.

Super RC Amphibian Tank

This is the Super RC Amphibian Tank and yes it can ride on land as well as water. When on land, it uses its wheel and when you need to ride it on water, it transforms into a ship under a few seconds. This is a great RC toy and you can purchase it for $59.99.


I am so interested in UFO’s that every night when I look up in the sky, I wish I spot one. I maybe unlucky in spotting a UFO but I am glad that I can purchase this Japanese designed QFO, it is priced at $63.

Bladestar Flame Indoor Flyer

This RC machine is a small little device which safely flies around indoors without damaging your home, thanks to its built-in sensor which is used to avoid obstacles. It has a simple design with two wings which spin like helicopter wings and it is priced at a mere $16.99.

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RCX4 Star Stryker

This was first shown at CES 2010 and the RCX4 Star Stryker is a brilliant remote controlled device which hovers and maneuvers like a real spacecraft. It comes with integrated 3D Gyro Systems, however, the batteries last for only 10 minutes, also charging in the same amount of time.

Transformer Bumblebee RC Car

Bumblebee is the Autobot which can transform into a Chevrolet Camaro. For all those people who love the Transformer Franchise, here is the RC Bumblebee Vehicle. Sadly, it cannot transform, but it is only $41.99.

Remote Controlled Mini Transformer

Here is another great transformer toy and this one actually transforms. It does not represent anyone from the transformer franchise but this RC Mini transformer is a really great remote controlled toy.

RC Underwater Manta Ray Toy

This is a really great remote controlled toy shaped like a Manta ray and the best thing is that it is fully functional underwater. An exciting feature of this toy is that it can perform tricks similar to a plane, but underwater. It is now priced at $79.95.

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Miniature RC Hummer

This is called the Remote Controlled Miniature Hummer H2 and a great thing about this toy is that it exactly mimics the real Hummer’s performance on a scale of 1/58. It can be purchased for $29.

RC Tron Light Cycle.

This is the Light Cycle from the famous Tron franchise which has next movie releasing this in December. Just like in the movie, this remote controlled light cycle can also zoom up the walls.

Remote Controlled T-Rex

This RC T-Rex is well designed and looks like a great gift for small kids. The remote controlled T-Rex is priced at $39.95.

RC Robotic T-Rex

Here is another cool remote controlled T-Rex for all ages. This Robotic T-Rex has touch, sound, and vision sensor and a lot of other cool stuff which makes this one of the most amazing remote controlled device you can own.

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Parrot A.R. Drone

There are many RC Helicopters but the Parrot A.R. Drone is really special. It looks like something from the future and one of the coolest things about this device is that it can be remotely controlled using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It can be purchased for $299.

Remote Controlled Titanic Replica

Here is a great collector’s artifact. This is a 6 foot long remote controlled RMS Titanic. It takes over 400 hours to assemble and is made out of 300 artistic pieces made out of cedar, fiberglass, maple and mahogany. This replica can be purchased for $2500.

RC Mosquito 3.0

This is the RC Mosquito 3.0, a really brilliant remote controlled flying gadget. It has glowing orange eyes, six legs, and a really killer look. It is safe for indoor flying and can be purchased for $41.

The Cybird –P1

This is Cybird, a remote controlled flying bird. It is about the size of an average pigeon, it can fly exactly like a real bird by flapping its wings. Using the radio, you can guide it with real ease.

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Metal Detecting Remote Controlled Dune Buggy

It is quite obvious that this is a remote controlled dune buggy which can help you find all those coins lying around your apartment. It can be really helpful at times and if interested you can purchase it for $49.95.

Remote Controlled Soccer Shoes

These remote controlled soccer shoes are a part of an exciting game where players use these shoes to play a game of remote controlled soccer. It is priced at £49.50 and it comes along with the goal and the plastic ball.

Remote Controlled Drink Server

This is a really helpful water gadget for those times when your chilling out in the pool. Controlled over radio, this gadget operates on water and can serve you chilled beers and some snacks.

Best of all, this nifty pool gadget is only $27.99.

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SkyBots RC Gadget

The Skybots RC Gadget consists of 2 remote controlled robots each with independent controllers. They take off vertically and you can use the laser to target your opponent’s robot’s chest for the taste of sweet remote controlled victory! It is priced at £49.99icon.