Rare Good Looks: 15,000 Feet of Fiber Optics Make a Cool Chandelier

“Wow that looks nice”, yes that is what most people will say after looking at the picture. Now, you know that in today’s world, people are trying to create things from materials that are not meant for each other, many try, but only a few succeed, one fine example is this chandelier. 

Now, normally you will associate chandelier to be built with metal rods and pipes and glass, however some guys at MADLAB thought otherwise. Now if you look at the chandelier, it doesn’t look that much but is actually made from 15,000 feet of fiber optics! Yes sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? How did they fit so much fiber optic in such little space!? Yet it’s been done, and is currently hanging in the house of a lucky resident of New Jersey. Its most visible contents are the fiber optics which have been attached to about 100 petri dishes of various diameters adding versatility to the chandelier. Doesn’t look that much but it is heavily loaded, does it?


The guys who made the chandelier made a “Bacterioptica” design, making it more elegant than ever. Especially when it emits light, it looks out of this world, really beautiful with the light not only being emitted by the petri dishes, but also by the transparent fiber optics. If you look closely, some interference also occurs which creates rainbow-like effects making everything even more colorful, great job done by the guys at MADLAB.

Petri dishes

Moreover, if you look closely there is one petri dish that is emitting blue light, it stands out a bit among the rest of the petri dishes emitting white light. Another thing that you will note is that all the petri dishes stuck out at odd angles, with the web of fiber optics spreading haphazardly, trying to create an effect of an irregular shaped growing bacteria. And they have done a good job on that too because even if you just look at the picture closely, you will realize that it does look like growing bacteria (though you have to be a biology student to really go that deep.). Anyhow it really is one piece and has not yet been replicated.

View from same level

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Via: Coated