MOD PMP Concept Is Pure Eye Candy

The PMP player market could certainly use some more design icons. Enter Simon Enever with his MOD MP3 player concept.

MOD front

A few years ago, the editors of a popular electronics review website took it upon themselves to come up with the concept of what they perceived to be the perfect MP3 player. The device had a hard drive and a detachable flash drive player that could be taken along to the gym and used for other recreational purposes. The state of technology back then would have meant that cramming all the desired features into a single player would have yielded something similar to a brick. That was then, and the MOD by Simon Enever, is now.

MOD multiplayer
The MOD combines a large screen PMP player with a small but robust flash drive player, which also doubles as a kickstand when you want to watch videos on its vibrant screen. The touchscreen player comes in stylish black, while the detachable flash drive player is brightly colored in shades similar to the ones made popular by the iPod nano. The result? Delectable eye candy. Other notable features include the angular aesthetic, which makes for a terrific multiplayer experience, and the clip at the back of the MP3 player, which allows the device to be secured to the clothing during use. It is reminiscent of the Microsoft Zune, but obviously much better.

This concept has left us drooling, that’s for sure. Though a lot of people use their touchscreen players when out and about, serious and semi-pro athletes need to squeeze out every bit of performance and can’t have anything bulky holding them back. This is the ideal compromise between both usage scenarios.

Though it remains a concept for now, we’d love for this to get picked up by, say, some Korean electronics manufacturer, as long as they don’t cheap out on any of the features. We’ve seen concepts like this turn into real life products in the past, but the manufacturers have a bad habit of excluding one or two features, which make the devices unique in the first place. Check out further details and the inspiration for this design on the artist page.

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