19 Tron Designs, Toys, and Accessories

Tron is one of the most famous Disney movies written and directed by Steve Lisberger. It was a really unique movie back in 1982 which had some really immense graphics and a fresh visual style. Later, the franchise expanded and it launched video games, comic books, and now another movie which is a sequel to the original one. It is called Tron: Legacy and it will launch later this year in December.

The franchise is really fascinating and so far has got many followers. Tron: Legacy is a movie I am very excited about and the trailer looks really crazy. For those who are hardcore followers of this amazing franchise here are 19 designs, toys, and accessories all in favor of Tron.

Tron RC Light Cycle

This awesome figure is the remote controlled light cycle from the Tron movie. Apparently, this toy can also defy the laws of gravity and zoom up your walls with ease, just like in the movies.

LEGO Tron Art

Whatever exists in the world, LEGO can build it and this is the amazing power of these little bricks. These are two brilliantly constructed light-cycles designed by Stephan. If you are a die-hard Tron fan and you are really excited about building stuff with LEGO, you should give this a try.

Adidas Tron Shoes

Adidas has taken inspiration from the upcoming Disney movie, and along with Disney they will be soon releasing these amazing shoes called Oryon X Tron which look like they have been pulled right from the depths of the Tron universe. These shoes are really going to help you get a lot of attention!

iPod Dock for Tron Fans

Apple fanboys here is a Tron accessory which you will enjoy. It looks like that awesome disc from the movie while it is also a dock for your iPhone or iPod Touch. The device will cost $349 after its release.

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Glow in the Dark Tron NES

Don’t tell me you never had a NES! It is one of the most famous retro consoles and it has now been modded into a, Glow in the Dark Tron NES. It is brilliantly painted using special glow paints which makes it look really awesome in the dark and the Tron NES can be purchased in the US for $250 and extra $10 shipping.

Tron Stitch

As a part of a promotion strategy for the upcoming movie, Tron: Legacy, Disney will also release this beautiful Stitch figure which has got an exciting Tron make over. The figure will be included in the Lilo & Stitch product line and will soon be available for purchase.

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Tron Xbox 360 Controller

Gaming becomes much more fun and exciting if you have some really cool accessories. For example, imagine playing Xbox 360 games with this interesting Tron inspired Xbox 360 controller.

Razer Tron Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

Do not fear if you are a PC gamer, as there are Tron inspired accessories which even you guys can enjoy. Razer has announced a set of a brilliant gaming keyboard with backlit key and a totally functional gaming mouse, both of which are inspired by the Tron franchise.

Tron: Legacy Toys

Tron is a movie based in a completely futuristic universe and that is reason why many geeks love it. Although, Tron: Legacy is planned for a December release, here are a few upcoming toys including action figures, vehicle replicas, and a lot more awesome toys will soon follow.

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Spin Master Tron Vintage Figure

Spin Master has a figurine based on the original Tron movie which was released back in 1982. Now we all know how amazing that movie was and if you have not seen it I suggest you do before the launch of its sequel. Anyways, people who are interested in this Vintage Tron figure may have to make it quick as only 1,500 pieces will be made available for purchase.

Mickey Mouse Tron Toy

What happens when a famous Disney cartoon merges with a famous Disney hero? The answer to this is the Mickey Mouse Tron figure. Sweet, isn’t it?

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Tron: Legacy Villain Figures

Well, it is yet unknown but when someone or something is dark, void, and faceless it has to be an evil force. So our guess is that these dark Tron like figures, would probably be the villains in Tron: Legacy or in the upcoming game Tron: Evolution.

Tron: Legacy Backpack

One really useful addition to the list of Tron: Legacy merchandise is this smart looking backpack. Not really the best in looks, but if you were a kid who fell in love with the Tron movie you are definitely going to get this.

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Tron Glow in the Dark T-Shirt

If you are going to a party and looking for a really awesome t-shirt, your search ends here. Check out this brilliant glow in the dark t-shirt inspired by Tron, it costs $20.

Tron Glow in the Dark Hoodie

If t-shirts are not your style and you want something way cooler, then you might like these glow in the dark hoodies based on the Tron franchise, which are priced at $45 each. While one of them has a cool blue effect and seems very basic, the other one is inspired by the character Sark.

Tron Hot Rod

While we are well-aware of the Tron light cycle, here is a concept which can be really awesome if used in a Tron movie. This is the concept art of what a Hot Rod will look like in the Tron universe and we can all see that it has some really killer looks.

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Tron Calendar

Finally, Tron fans can now organize their days. Thanks to this Tron calendar.

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