DIY Hand Crank Smartphone Charger

Android is the latest fad. It is a platform that has actually worked wonders, and has allowed smartphones to be much more efficient than before. However, one usual problem found in most of the Android phones is that their battery life is pretty poor.

Well, of course a phone that would be handling numerous functions at the same time is expected to be out of power sooner compared to a normal mobile phone. Anyhow, the problem is still annoying, and it becomes worst when you are in the middle of something really important such as a web conference or a webinar.

The good news is that Benjamin Heckendorn has created one hell of a crack for it. With this technique, you can charge any Android that uses a USB charger and 5 volts. Now, what Benjamin has done is that he has taken a cheap winding flashlight from Harbor Freight that is capable of generating electricity if you wind them and has attached the wires to it. The other ends of these wires are plugged into the phone. The theory here is that, if this winding flashlight can produce up to 5 volts, then it can also charge up the phone. And, yes it actually works! Benjamin demonstrates it in this video, and shows you how exactly you can make the charger yourself. And, for those who don’t believe it, Benjamin shows the screen of the HTC EVO as well that shows the power bar charging.

Isn’t that one great hack? I mean, all you need to do is to carry this one cheap flashlight with you, and whenever you go out of power and you don’t have a place to charge up your phone, you can use this theory and save the day! It sure is a bit of hard work, but you don’t really have another way of charging up your phone without any electricity sockets around, do you? That exactly is the sole purpose of this charger. This is one lovely hack and we all should give a huge round of applause to Benjamin for this! Lovely work.

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Via: Geeky Gadgets Via: Geek