The ColorWare iPad Grip

Apple’s iPad is the gadget to have this season. It has unanimously vowed and won over consumers with its sleek, poetic body frame, and sophisticated touch interface. The iPad is Apple’s fastest moving product to date with 3 million units sold in 80 days. One reason why the iPad is on everyone’s wish list is because it gives users a complete computing experience in an extremely portable machine that can be carried around like a slate. This user-friendly portability when combined with the iPad’s sleek body frame could lead to the user dropping the slate PC and damaging it. A damaged iPad is the last thing any user would want.

There are protective covers available in the market that promise to protect the iPad from scratches and bumps. But they do not solve the problem of providing the slate PC with a slip-resistant grip. ColorWare Inc., a design company that exclusively manufactures colorful protective casing for phones and computers, has launched an innovative ‘grip’ accessory for the iPad.

The ColorWare Grip for iPad is an aluminum casing that fits perfectly over the body frame of the slate PC, and provides a finger grip for users to hold on firmly to their precious iPads. The ColorWare is so simple and elemental in its design and function, that one would wonder why they never thought of it before. It comes in gloss and soft touch finish with a variety of colors that the user can choose from.

The aluminum casing of the grip is made from aircraft-grade material to ensure maximum protection if the slate PC were to slip and fall from the user’s hand. Installing the ColorWare iPad grip is as easy as checking your Facebook account. All you have to do is unscrew the top removable plate of the casing, then slip on the grip onto your iPad slowly, and then screw the top plate back on. In three easy steps, your iPad has been secured.

The grip accessory from ColorWare may look simple, but each individual grip is hand fashioned to meet exceptional quality standards. The handgrip is repeatedly tested for supreme grip and comfort. Each iPad grip has been measured to have an accuracy of two to three thousands of an inch, which translates into a closer fit for your iPad. The same meticulous attention is paid when coloring the iPad grips.

ColorWare’s Grip for iPad is a lethal combination between exquisite form and handy functionality, which makes it the accessory to sport on your iPad.

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