Squirming ‘Umbilical’ iPhone Cable

Well, who could have imagined that one day we will see the iPhone with an UMBILICAL CORD? Whoa! That’s got to be one amusing and surprising thing! And, it doesn’t even sound like one technological title when you say ‘Squirming Umbilical iPhone Cable’.

But, the truth is it has happened, and it is happening right now. Check out the picture below, that is what we are talking about.

Mio I-zawa has created this thing and it sure has to be the weirdest iPhone accessory till now. It is basically a charger sort of a thing and you would need to hook up your iPhone to charge it. As much weird as it sounds, it is actually true, and it works too. Yup, this one thing might look weird and unnatural, but it is real. By the way, this reminds me of the great Kurt Cobain’s one famous line, ‘Throw down your umbilical noose, so I can climb right back’. I guess Kurt’s wish has come true and the umbilical cord is here, but it’s not there for us, it’s there for the iPhone. The iPhone can go back in, charge up, and come back!

What I particularly like about this thing is that it’s not a just show no go accessory. When you plug in your iPhone, it actually behaves as if it is trying to suck in the iPhone. And don’t worry, it won’t eat up your iPhone. It sure does look like a monster, but it is not. It will instead be charging your iPhone in its own weird way. Well, I still am a bit amused with all that it is capable of doing. Weird device it is, but in a cool way!

Oh yes, by the way, keep your kids away from it or people who gross out easily. You wouldn’t want them throwing up in your hallway once they see this thing moving. Besides, the weird sound it makes will freak them out even more. I would say, this gadget is strictly for those who can bear all this, or else, go find something else!

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Via: Pink Tentacle