Dexter Blood Slide Candies are Bloody Scary

Nothing makes your sweet tooth tingle like a box of blood slides, right? Wait, that doesn’t sound right – blood slides are a biohazard and should never be consumed! That is, unless it’s Halloween, and the aforementioned blood slides are actually made of candy. And even then, one must proceed with caution.

Weird and gross desserts have been pretty popular at this blog, from the aptly-named Pot o’ Gross Stuff to cupcakes and cookies shaped like human hearts. But neither of those really qualifies as nightmare fuel in quite the same way as these blood slides. Hearts are quite natural things – everyone has one, robots and tin men excluded – and the Pot o’ Gross Stuff is basically a pot of tasty-looking green goo straight out of cartoons.

Blood Slide Candy 3

Perhaps it’s the fact that these extremely realistic-looking razor-thin blood slides look sharp enough to slice your mouth if you’re not careful eating them. The razor-in-the-apple urban legend has always scared me as a kid, and the mere thought of ingesting Halloween candy that can be described with the word “razor” disturbs me. Of course, blood is also a vector for many terrible diseases, which is why my instinct tells me to stay far away from these bitter sweets, delicious though they may be.
Blood Slide Candy 2

However you look at it, candy blood slides are creepy – even more so when you realize that the concept was inspired by the TV show Dexter, whose titular protagonist keeps a drop of blood from everyone he’s murdered. These blood slides look particularly great when served with latex gloves or tweezers; adding a clinical touch just makes the atmosphere even more eerie while at the same time protecting delicate fingers from getting cut. As weird as these candies are, I must admit that they are absolutely perfect for Halloween, which is happening in a few weeks. If you’re hosting a party, making your own mighty blood slide candies would be a fantastic way to amp up the spooky atmosphere of the night.

Blood Slide Candy 1

The creator of these terrifying sweets, Andrea Newberry, came up with the concept after watching Martha Stewart making Halloween lollipops, of the tamer candy corn/licorice/pumpkin seed variety. Their basic construction is the same, and the recipe looks pretty easy to follow along at home; the only ingredients are sugar, corn syrup, and food dye. I can’t imagine how one would go from Martha Stewart to serial killers, but there you have it.

For a perfect combo, take a look at the Bloody Dexter iPhone as well.

Via: Neatorama